Prescient Improvement Strategies

Vision. Experience. Process.

DEFINITION:  Strategic Improvement Modelling:

The creation, definition and comparative measurement of multiple strategy mixes to improve your company.  We model every aspect of your business and measure strategies in financial terms.  Identifying and quantifying potential strategies is especially pertinent for growing companies in advance of raising capital  and for private companies in the process of implementing change.

We solve problems which result from lack of executive bandwidth.

We can help you identify and define goals in all operational areas of your company, and then build a custom scoreboard to measure potential strategy mixes against those goals.

In many case we will ask questions that you have not explored the answers to yet. 

So much more that a contract CFO !

Strategic Improvement Modelling requires delving into each department's operational options, asking the tough questions, and breaking through the shell to expose the true potential of a company.  While we do employ the financial profroma as our scoreboard, we are strategy consultants versus financial planners.

PRESCIENT:   having prescience, or knowledge of things or  events before they exist or happen; having  foresight