Professional Investors &

Referred Companies



For investment professionals, we ask 5 questions:

  1. Is everything perfect at each of your portfolio companies? If YES, then sell the company today.  It won't get any better.  If not, hire an Improvement Strategist who can get you closer to perfect.
  2. Why are Improvement Strategist so valuable? (hint: High ROI)
  3. Is there just one problem at each portfolio company that you need to solve right now?  Or are there more?
  4. Given that time is money, and you have money invested in portfolio companies, shouldn't the question be HOW SOON can you hire an Improvement Strategist versus IF?
  5. What is the one problem at each company you'd like addressed in the next two month?

People fail to invest the effort to improve for one of 3 reasons: time, company politics, and lack of understanding and/or experience in how to fix problems.  They don't have the time to figure out what's "broke", they don't want to deal with drama of instituting change in certain people, or they don't have any knowledge of what the real problem is so they can't fix it.


For the professional investor, we diagnose, research, model, compare and recommend the right improvement strategy. If needed, we'll also implement the strategy.  We treat our mutual "clients" as if they were our own businesses: with great care. Some have likened us to the rich uncle who is smart and strict, but not overly doting. We mentor and judge with empathy and compassion. Nobody promised that business would always be easy, and we pledge that even the hard decisions will be handled with grace and dignity.

For existing companies (versus start-ups) , we require a commitment from the ownership to the improvement process. For new companies still in  conceptualization stage, we require a nominal engagement fee.

If you have been referred to us...

We understand that sometimes being referred to us was not your first choice.

Professional Investors rely on Prescient Improvement Strategies when they are short on bandwidth, want to personnel issue resolved, need a second opinion or when they just can't put their finger on how best to optimize a (potential) investment.  Relax in knowing that they have enough confidence in you, your ideas and/or your company to recommend that you work with us to optimize your outcome.


Most referrals are sent by people who believe in the mission but understand that business is not always easy, and sometimes it is best to bring in the hired guns.   Many of our clients were not quite ready for funding, or attracted a higher valuation with a comprehensive comparative strategic plan in hand.

   At Prescient, our interest are very tightly aligned with the success of our clients.  Please take the time to understand our process and how you can benefit from our vision, experience and process.